World's Renowned Prophetic Medicine Researcher & Scholar

Dr. Najm Rehan or Najmuddin, known for his contribution to prophetic Medicine, is a research scholar in Islamic studies from Hyderabad.
CEO to World's first prophetic medicine manufacturing brand.

Treating with Prophetic Medicine which is World's most Blessed Medical System with Islamic Touch.

more than 10 thousand PCOD and heart related patients with higher successful rate.

Serving community with expertise in chronic diseases with Halal standards.

Our mission extends beyond the clinic and into the communities that we serve.

Dar-ul-Hikmah Tibb e Nawabi working under the patronage of world renowned Prophetic Medicine Master Dr. Yousaf Hammad Al Kibri. His learned student and founder of dar-ul-hikmah Dr Najm Rehan from 2013 and serve more than 50 thousand patients around the globe.

tibb e nabawi

Healing by Belief (Yaqeen)

that Allah Has Sent the disease & Allah is the HEALER, & if the healing is delayed, it is by Allah’s Wisdom & Hikmah

Healing by Aa’maal-e-Saalehaat

Salaat, Sadaqah, Fast, Quran, Zikr, Duaas & Ruqya, Husn-e-Khulq, abstaining from sins, Istighfaar, etc.

Healing by the foods

Healing by the foods of Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam

Healing by the herbs

Healing by the herbs of Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam

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