Chief Executive Officer & Cheif Physician

Dr Najmuddin (NAJM REHAN) was born in Hyderabad – the city of lights, on July 17, 1989 , a Turk by origin, he did his early schooling in his native city.  He studied at Hyderabad’s prestigious and historical institution OSMANIA UNIVERSITY for MASTERS in ISLAMIC STUDIES and holds Bachelor of Unani Medicines and Surgery (BUMS)from BRABU, Dr. Najm awarded Honorary Doctorate for his research in Tib e Nabawi by IMMSC. Tib-e-Nabvi is the meticulous collection of the sayings and actions of Prophet Muhammad SAW as found in the Quran and the Hadith. This traditional medicine set the foundation for modern medicine and led the way for curing ailments deemed impossible to tackle in the past. We formulate medicines and supplements with ingredients obtained from the heart of nature that provide health and vitality as well as exceptional anti-oxidant properties. Tib-e-Nabvi welcomes you to live a happy and fulfilled life.

Dr Najm Rehan
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